Build your climate confidence...

Low Carbon Business School is being built by a team of designers, material practitioners and entrepreneurs who believe that we can re-frame, re-purpose and renew the businesses of today to be fit for the low carbon future we need. Here, you will find others on this journey, doing what they can, to both learn from and be inspired by.

...and put it to work!

We believe every job is a climate job, and the next decade of each and every industry will be defined by the individuals who design and build them.

We'll help you...

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Access resources and tools to build your knowledge and confidence
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Work towards positive climate impact in your day-to-day life
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Connect with experts, individuals and businesses to become the next generation of Low Carbon Leaders

Hear what our members think:

A course beautifully put together into '5 days of insights', giving a comprehensive headstart towards achieving a low carbon business.
Photo of LCBS Community Member, AJ
AJ Dhale
Cohort 10

The workshop was a well timed moment of introspection and conversation.
Photo of LCBS Community Member, Diana
Diana Lipcanu
Cohort 4
It's great for someone interested in how they can impact their organisation to be more climate minded. It will definitely be a go to for me.
Image of LCBS Member, Allyson
Allyson Alli
Cohort 5

Low Carbon Field Notes

Low Carbon Field Notes is a dispatch from me, Dom Potter, on how the future of low carbon business is unfolding. I’ll be picking out the low carbon signals in the noise, highlighting emerging innovations and documenting the journey of what it is like to be building a low carbon startup.

I’m the founder of MadeFrom. Before MadeFrom I was Global Entrepreneur in Residence at IKEA, Professor of Practice in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The University of Nottingham Business School and an entrepreneur. After five years living in the forest of Sweden I now live on the North West coast of the UK.

What to expect
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    Relevant News
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    New Perspectives
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    Industry Insight
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    Free Access
A portrait of Dom Potter, CEO of MadeFrom.See previous editions →

Our Mission

We're Focused On Change

We don't document how the world currently exists.
We design the world we need and want, for everyone.

We Believe In Products

How we design products has never been more important.
It's time we saw impact as something we can design for.

We're Designing A New Kind of School

We believe climate literacy is part of the foundation of better businesses and better products.
We believe climate action needs to be collective, intersectional and community-led.

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